Free Pattern: Crochet Elf Pixie Hat (v.2)

9/11/2013 UPDATE:

Y’all.  Thanks so much for your comments and feedback – I had no idea you would all find this little rectangle hat as cute as I did.  🙂  Due to overwhelming popularity and feedback, I am now offering a PDF download of the pattern in THREE additional sizes (3-6 mo, 6-12 mo, 1-3 yrs).  If you simply don’t feel like doing your own adjustments, I’ve done them for you! I’ve also included a few additional photo instructions for clarity.  ALL this for a fabulous discounted price, since I’m leaving the free pattern up below.  You can find it on Ravelry, Etsy, or Craftsy today.  Hooray!

Thanks again and happy fall crocheting everyone!

Love, Jen

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Happy September!  I’m writing this from my hometown in upstate New York, where September automatically meant the beginning of a new school year.  I mean… it always kind of mentally means the beginning of a school year for me still, even after 5 years+ after I attended my last class ever, but it’s much more prevalent when I drive by my high school every day and see all the same ads for the same back to school sales at the same malls where I shopped when I was twelve.

September in upstate New York also always immediately means cooler weather.  For example, today, on the first day of school, it is currently 57 F outside.  That means one thing – time to start making more fall hats!!

Anyway, here’s another free hat pattern.  When I was trying to name it, I realized I gave a previous hat the exact same name.  Who knew two co-hats could be so wildly different?  Oh well, since they are apparently named the exact same thing, I’m not going to reinvent the wheel.  Here’s another pixie elf hat for you, version 2, AKA “Pixie Hat: The Autumn Woodland Version.”

Crochet Autumn Woodland Pixie Hat Free Pattern | Classy CrochetCrochet Autumn Woodland Pixie Hat Free Pattern | Classy Crochet

If you do a quick Internet search for “crochet elf pixie hat”, you do usually get the stripey long tail version more, but this one has it’s own charm.  The first time I saw this design was back whenever the first time I saw the movie Willow.  You know… little man saves little baby princess from evil Maleficent-esque woman trying to take over the universe?  Willow’s kids wore hats with little peaks.  I can’t for the life of me remember now the name they gave the little children, but it was a cute one.  (Excuse me while I take a moment to mentally run through memorable Willow quotes in my head… “I dwell in darkness without you and it WENT AWAY?”)

This hat is really easy. I know I say that about all my hats, but seriously.  If you’ve never made a hat and the extent of your crocheting skills is a dishcloth, then this is the hat for you! It’s a dishcloth folded in half and sewed down the back.  The end.  The natural curve of the baby head creates the adorable little peak at the back.  See?  It’s just a rectangle folded into a square.  Easy peasy.

Crochet Autumn Woodland Pixie Hat Free Pattern | Classy Crochet

I use a fpdc/bpdc ribbed edge, the same one in my *other* elf pixie hat, but if you’re a beginner and don’t want to deal with fussy new stitches, just skip the fpdc/bpdc row and leave the dc row as is.  You’ll have a cute border with the fluffy yarn anyway.

I wrote this pattern up in a 0-3 month size, but you can easily adapt it by increasing the width of your hat.  I’m in the process of writing up more detailed sizing to publish at a discounted price in the very near future – stay tuned!


(note: all the linked stitches are optional if you’re a novice.  They’re more like bonus point stitches for more advanced crocheters.  Your hat will still be awesome no matter what.)


I used Lion Brand Wool-Ease (Seaspray) for this pattern.  I like Wool-Ease as a worsted weight yarn, especially for knitting, because, like the Thick n Quick, it’s a great blend of washable acrylic and wool to give it that nice vintage feel, plus it has the greatest ‘natural’ palette.  I think woodland elf hats should be made of earthy colors.

The furry trim gives this hat the knuckle-biting cuteness factor.  Obviously it’s optional (the hat looks just as woodlandly authentic without it) but c’mon.  Fur.  I’ve used Bernat Baby’s Pipsqueak, although I might even recommend Red Heart Buttercup, since it’s a bit fluffier.  I’ve usually only found blinding white, but recently discovered Pipsqueak in “vanilla”, which I think matches better with browns.  Anyway, use whatever you can find.

I used an H hook for the hat, J for the fur trim.


Row 1: ch 43, skip first 2 st, 1 dc into each ch. (41 st)  You could also do chainless foundation if you wanted, but I actually find that the tighter tension of the ch foundation gives the edge a better curve around the baby face.

Row 2: (you can skip this row if you don’t want to deal with fpdc/bpdc) ch2, alternate fpdc and bpdc into each dc, creating the ribbed edge.

Row 3-13: ch1, hdc into each st.  When you reach the end of each row, ch1, turn, hdc into the same st, hdc into each st, etc.  Your gauge might be different than mine and you might need more or less rows.  Basically you want a rectangle that folds in half into an exact square.  I test by folding in half, then folding the square(s) into a triangle to see if the edges line up.  It’s left over from my origami days.


When you reach your desired length, fold the hat in half.  Insert your hook into the last st on the folded side, wrap yarn over, and draw yarn through all loops (sl st).

Crochet Autumn Woodland Pixie Hat Free Pattern | Classy Crochet

Insert hook through first st on opposite side to begin sewing.

Matching up remaining stitches, insert hook into front st, then back st.  Wrap yarn around, and pull through all loops (sl st).  Repeat for remaining stitches.

Crochet Autumn Woodland Pixie Hat Free Pattern | Classy Crochet

You’ll have a row of sl st along the inside edge.  You might have a stitch left over at the end where the fold is – thankfully crochet is forgiving and you can just sew around it.  Fasten off yarn and weave in ends.  Turn hat right side out.

Crochet Autumn Woodland Pixie Hat Free Pattern | Classy Crochet

Fur: using J (or larger) hook and fluffy yarn, sc into the ribbed edge.  When I first did it, I sc into each st and the brim of the hat flared out a little.  Since I am picky, I went with a larger hook and skipped every other sc for the hat in these photos.  You can do whatever you want to get the nice fluffy look of your dreams.

More options: To create a nice finished look, I like to sc around the bottom border of the hat.  It’s completely unnecessary but it’s pretty.  If you do, make sure to only sc one st into every row, otherwise the bottom kind of flares out and doesn’t wrap around the head as snugly.

Chin strap: You can do a chainless foundation of dc (about 15-18 st long), or I liked mine a bit more tightly woven, so I just ch18, 1 hdc in each st down one side, 5 hdc into the end, hdc down the other side, 4 hdc into the end and fastened off. Leave a tail at the beginning and the end so you can sew one end to the hat, and use the other tail to sew the button onto the strap.  Another marvelous aspect of crochet is that the stitches are large and loose, meaning you don’t have to stitch in a buttonhole, you can just button it up wherever the button fits through on the brim.  Automatically adjustable chin strap = win.

Crochet Autumn Woodland Pixie Hat Free Pattern | Classy Crochet

Sew button to strap, sew strap to hat, weave in all ends, place on baby head and admire adorable woodland elf cuteness.  Yay cuteness!

Follow along with the project gallery on Ravelry!

Crochet Autumn Woodland Pixie Hat Free Pattern | Classy Crochet


49 thoughts on “Free Pattern: Crochet Elf Pixie Hat (v.2)

  1. This is so cute and I want to make it right now!

    I have a question though, I would like to make this for my baby who is 8 weeks now to be able to wear for fall/winter. If I increase the size a bit, you say to increase the width? By this do you mean increase the number of rows before finishing it off OR increase the row length?



  2. Hi all! Thanks SO much for your generous feedback and comments! If you want to increase the size, I would increase the stitch count (row width), which would also increase the number of rows before finishing it off. Due to high demand, I am in the process of writing up this hat in four sizes, to be published for a discounted price offered on Ravelry/Etsy/Craftsy etc. If you want a specific size, look for it later this week. Thanks again!! =D


  3. Hello! Please, can you tell me the measures of the square (the hat when it’s folded and ready to be stiched together in the back). It would be more easy to adjust to my yarn if i knew the measures instead of the numbers of stiches. I can’t find your brand of yarn in Sweden, and i don’t know the thickness of your yarn either…

    It’s such a Lovely hat!!

    Best regards,
    Sara Berggren, North of Sweden.


  4. Love the pattern so cute. I was wondering if you mind if the hat made from this pattern is sold with all pattern credit given to you with link back to your blog and pattern.
    Thank you.


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  6. I just wanted to thank you for sharing this pattern. It was not only easy but fun as well. I’m actually gonna make another one for my aunt’s baby 🙂 happy holidays!


  7. This is soo cute!! Is it bad that I want to make one for myself? Do you think it would work as an adult equivalent? If so I may just give that a go since I have no small child to make one for. Love it either way! x


  8. Thanks so much for the wonderful pattern! Just wondering, is the chin strap sewn at both ends (for example, is the button just decorative?) or is the button functional? I hope this question makes sense! I am making this hat for a friend who is expecting


    • Yes the button is functional as a chin strap (otherwise, getting the hat on would be a pain – literally :P). I sew the chin strap on one end using yarn, and then sew the button on the other end. You can attach it anywhere on the strap since it’s a double crochet with lots of holes. Hope that makes sense!


  9. This looks like fun! What a cute hat! I have a quick question – is row one to be done with the furry yarn and the rest of the rows with the regular yarn? :O)


  10. Hi. I was wondering how you got yours to be pointy? I did mine differently. I did a puff stitch the whole way through. But now I am at the end and about to seal it but it just looks rectangular. I want the pixie point at the top. Do you have any suggestions?


    • Hi there! Go ahead and finish it off and put it on a round head to see what happens – when I finish my hat, it literally looks like a rectangle that I fold into a square (I think there’s a photo of said square), but when you actually put it on, it points naturally. It’s like magic! 🙂


  11. Hi! Just about done with this precious hat! I’m trying to figure out the finishing edge but my hat when I put it on my little one kind of flares in the back and doesn’t look like it really rugs around the base of her head like yours does on the pic. Is there something I did wrong? My stitches are pretty uniform so I’m not sure it’s that. Or is it just the angle of the picture that makes it look as though it hugs the base of the head? Can’t wait for her to wear this! I actually used thick yarn and a k hook and this pattern will fit my 14 month old!


    • Hi Emily! Thanks so much for your comments. I’m not sure exactly what’s going on, but I discovered that when I used the thick fluffy yarn and crocheted into each stitch, my hat also flared out. So, I took a larger hook and crocheted into every other stitch instead. If that hugs *too* tightly, you can try every third stitch or whatever it takes to get the shape you like. I hope that helps!


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  15. Hello, I was wondering if I lengthen the chin strap for the larger sizes or not? And if I do, how long for the different sizes listed in your pattern on Ravelry? I’m fairly new to crochet. Thanks.


  16. This hat is the most adorable shape when on, so bizarre that it looks so different when flat! Thanks for sharing, am I able to sell a finished hat if I made one?


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  20. I love this pattern so much, that I remembered you while I was picking up crochet hooks at Joann. I ran across the Bernat Pipsqueak yarn. It was ON! Thank you so much for sharing your genius. I adapted it to fit my Blythe doll. I’ve made dozens of hats for them. This by far is the cutest one. Willow is one of my FAVorite all time movies. I think i’ll watch and make another 😀


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  23. Is there any way to adapt it to fit a teenager/adult’s head? Would you just make the rectangle longer and wider so it reaches from the the top of the head to the bottom of the chin when it’s folded and the side reach from the back of the head to the beginnings of the cheek? It seems like an easy enough transformation, but I don’t want to get halfway through making it, only to realize that the size is too big/small.


  24. Hi, do you have the measurements for this? I’m wanting to make it in dk weight yarn, either single or doubled up, obviously either option will change the dimensions so ideally I’d need the measurements before it’s folded.

    Thank you in advance, it’s such a beautiful pattern!


    • Hi! Yes, the additional sizes are available for purchase, either through Etsy, Ravelry, or directly through this blog post with the ‘buy now’ button. Hope you enjoy the pattern!


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