Crochet Little Lamb Hat Pattern

Has spring finally sprung for all of you?  When I lived in DC, I loved the cherry blossoms, but oh, my allergies would emerge like the Loch Ness Monster and I’d suffer for months on end.  Here in Beijing it’s not so bad, but they have this amazing fluffy stuff that flies from all the trees.  Urban legend has it that they planted all these pretty trees but then they turned out to be all ‘female’ and released pollen and there were no ‘male’ trees to help the pollen out. I have no idea what that means, but the “spring snow” is worth a look just so you can giggle at the non-foresight of the Beijing urban planners.  It gets stuck in my husband’s beard and he shows up at work looking like Santa Claus.

This hat is a classic that I’ve had rolling around for years.  Case in point – my lovely little model below is now something along the lines of 5 years old, with 2-year old twin brothers. Where does the time go?!

Every yarn lover has to, at some point, pay homage to the source and respect the humble little lamb whose glorious woolly coats make our hobby possible.  I love this hat because it works up super fast with the puff stitches.  I’ve also made it in boucle yarn for some fluffy texture and it’s equally fun.  Celebrate the onslaught of spring with your own fuzzy sheepy hat!

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Little Lamb Crochet Hat | Classy Crochet

Little Lamb Crochet Hat | Classy Crochet


Crochet Penguin Birdy Hat Pattern

Many moons ago I saw an idea for a little bluebird baby hat which was just darling – teeny earflaps, cute little beak, the works.  It was made with fuzzy wuzzy baby blue yarn, which I did not have the luxury to search out (being in China and all).  Plus, I had this gigundous skein of baby blue Lion Brand Pound of Love that, up until this point, had sat quite stagnant in my stash since winter of 2010.  Ergo, I did the next best thing – I used that yarn and added a fluffy white trim.

The trim totally sold me – so soft and fluffy and fuuuun!  When I begged a friend to photograph her a-dor-a-ble newborn baby boy in it, she kept referring to it as the ‘penguin’ hat.  Well… not to be outdone, it was pretty easy to swap out the blue for black.  Add a few whimsical ‘owl’ eyes, a three dimensional beak, and *voila*! TWO AWESOME HATS FOR THE PRICE OF ONE!!  How can it get any better than this??

Pattern is available on Ravelry, Etsy, and Craftsy.  Get yours today!

Crochet Penguin Birdy Hat Pattern | Classy CrochetCrochet Penguin Birdy Hat Pattern | Classy Crochet

Crochet Penguin Birdy Hat Pattern | Classy Crochet