Preemie Crochet Hats Day 4: The Appliqué

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! In honor of the holiday I made up a bunch of sweet little heart hats, which I feel are pretty appropriate year round when it comes to beautiful babies.

I made hats in several different sizes here, but you can always just use my basic beanie hat to start.

For the heart appliqué, I used Planet June’s heart pattern. I think it was the very first appliqué I ever tried, and it’s held up so well over the years. No need to look any further!

When making appliqués for hats, here are some tips I’ve picked up:

  • Start with a long tail before starting your foundation stitches. You can use it to sew the finished appliqué to the hat without needing to attach any extra yarn.
  • If your appliqué is large and needs to be held in place while sewing, I like to use a few large darning needles to pin it in place while sewing, otherwise they tend to drift.
  • I sew my stitches through the actual chains around the edges of the applique instead of the stitch posts, this way they don’t curl or look loose.
  • Check the back of your work while you sew to ensure you’re actually sewing through the hat as well. Sometimes my stitches are so close together I end up coming up and going back down in the same spot and not actually securing the appliqué to the hat.

Hope you enjoy making this hat for those beloved babies. Happy crocheting!

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