Preemie Crochet Baby Hats Day 3: The Animals

Today’s hats are my favorite of the bunch… the cute animals!! I love that these can be unisex and I think it’s a truth universally acknowledged that tiny ears and eyes on anything baby related is just too adorable.

I’m saving the ducky hat for another day and cover the ‘ears/eyes’ today.


The body of the hat is the basic beanie hat. Today’s ‘pattern’ is essentially finishing instructions.


The birdy hat is super simple. Make the basic beanie body. As a little touch at the end, I changed the last row to very thin ‘fluffy’ white yarn. Some hospitals are very sensitive to anything other than plain acrylic, so you could also just use regular white yarn.

I sewed on tiny black buttons (make sure they are super secure) and used about 12″/24cm of yellow to stitch on a small beak. That’s it!

Teddy Bear/Frog

These ears are a modification of my original little bear ears pattern. I made them a bit differently for the frog and bear, you can decide which you like better.

Teddy Bear

Make your basic beanie body. With bears I like to use two shades of brown, dark for the body and tan for the trim and insides of ears. Fasten off and weave in all ends.

Ears (make 2):

Row 1: Using tan yarn, ch2, 9 hdc into first ch (or use a magic circle).

Row 2: Switch to dark brown, ch1, turn, *2 sc in first st, 1 sc in next st*, repeat to end of row.

Row 3: ch1, turn, 1 sc in each st across. Fasten off, leaving long brown tail to attach ear to hat. Weave in all the other ends.

Sew ears firmly to hat. I fold the ears a little bit while I’m sewing so they stand up better.


Make your basic beanie body. I like to use light green for the body and red for the trim. For the frog I wanted the middle part to be larger to make space for the black button eyes so I modified the pattern a bit.

Eyes (make 2):

Row 1: Using white yarn, ch3, 9 DC into first ch (or use magic circle).

Row 2: Switch to green yarn. Ch1, turn, 1 hdc in each st across. Fasten off, leaving long green tail to sew to hat.

I like to use one of the white yarn ends to directly sew the black buttons in the middle of the eye(s), it saves me less ends to weave in. If you choose to do the same, make your starting white tail about 8 inches long to accommodate the extra sewing.

That’s it! Super cute itty bitty animal hats. Happy crocheting!!

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