Crochet Newsboy Pattern Updated!

Hello friends!

I am finally slowly emerging from yarn hiatus and crawling back into reality.  First up: updated child and baby sizes to our fabulously quick and stylish newsboy cap!  Previously only available in a women’s adult size, I finally caved to multiple requests to provide the pattern with more options.  Turns out, making adult styled hats for small people turns out adorably.  🙂

Get yours on Ravelry, Etsy, or Craftsy today or buy it right here!

Note: If you’ve previously purchased this pattern on Etsy and would like an updated version, please email me your receipt and I’ll send you a new copy right away.

Thank you everyone for your patience while I clean up my life and get back to business.  =D


3 thoughts on “Crochet Newsboy Pattern Updated!

  1. I’m stuck on rows 5-10. Do I need to chain 2 before beginning row 5? Also do the fpdc stitches swirl? I feel like my stitches are either off or will start to swirl around the hat. Hope that makes sense to someone because I’m confused 🙂

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