Free Pattern: Knit Slouch Flowered Hat

Hi all! I apologize for being remiss in my blogging – I’ve had this pattern ready to go for weeks, but then suddenly allergies and hives attacked my body and I’ve been doped up on antihistamines and that’s just not the optimal blogging environment.

I have a confession: sometimes (well, a lot of times) I peruse commercial clothing sites and reverse engineer my favorite hat styles.  I even have a list entitled “hat knockoffs”, with plenty of patterns to share with all of you.  This one I found on Zappos – their yarn-based hat selection is ENDLESS!  I’m sure you’ve seen this style before – it’s all over the place on Ravelry etc., but I liked the flower and it was straightforward, so here you go. Free Pattern: Knit Slouch Flower Hat | Classy Crochet

(Ignore the fact that it’s on a male model head – makes for a weird photo prop but whatever.)

Before I continue, I must caveat: this is a knit AND crochet project.  Sorry folks – you will have to embrace your inner ambi-yarner for this one.  Knowing how to do both really isn’t as evil as each side makes it seem.  I think they’re all just slightly jealous so they make the other side seem inferior.  I’m not going to attempt to teach knitters how to crochet or crocheters how to knit for this hat – it’s impossible to do through photos and that’s not the point of this post (or blog). Just please put up with me on this one.  🙂

I researched several grades of ‘chunky’ yarn for this hat.  It appears that the hat itself is made of a *slightly* heavier weight than your typical “size 10 needles” (based on the stitch size and number of rows), which was the vast majority of what I had on hand, but I wrote it up for 1) what I had and 2) what seems to be more readily available.

Before you commit, here’s my version.  Not quite as impressive on a round styrofoam ball but I swear it looks adorable on.  Also, second caveat: this hat isn’t really “slouchy”, as in, it doesn’t pouf out the back.  It fits nicely on the head. I just don’t know how else to describe the “in out” pattern… pancake? cupcake? not as cool, right?

Free Pattern: Knit Slouch Flower Hat | Classy Crochet


I used Plymouth Encore Chunky for the hat body in an indiscriminate light blue (actually, it was the free skein I pilfered from the awesome free skein giveaway of yore) and size 10 needles.  The flower was made with Vanna’s Choice (white) with a random wooden button from Joann’s.


With size 10 16″ circular needles, cast on 64 stitches.  Join to work in the round, being careful not to twist your stitches.  *Hint: sometimes I have issues getting the stitches to stretch around to join on the cast on round.  Usually I just knit the first row and by the time I get to the end, it’s now stretchy enough to join, and then I use the tail to sew up the bottom. It doesn’t look much different than the torture of streeeeeetching it out to join in the first round.

Rows 1-10: k2, p2 in rib (or for about 2″)

Rows 11-14: purl all the way around

Rows 15-18: knit all the way around

Rows 19-22: purl all the way around

Rows 23-26: knit all the way around

Rows 27-30: purl all the way around

Begin decrease: *k7, k2 tog*, repeat around

*k6, k2tog*, rep around (at some point you will have to switch to DPNs)

Continue decreasing by one stitch every round (k5, k2tog, k4, k2tog, etc.) until k1, k2tog.  Then k2tog on last round.  Cut off a tail to draw through remaining stitches and fasten off. It’s a bit of a quick decrease so you have a very obvious spiral across the crown of the hat.


Time for the flower.  It’s pretty much my basic crochet flower pattern, with a few additional petals.  There are some tips on that page on keeping the flower flat, how to best sew onto a hat, etc.  I won’t repeat them here but feel free to take a look. I used pink here, cause white on white just doesn’t work.

Free Pattern: Knit Slouch Flower Hat | Classy Crochet

With worsted weight yarn and H (or I, whatever you prefer) hook, ch4 and sl st to form a loop.  Ch6, dc into loop.  *Ch4, dc into loop*, repeat 3 times. You should have six posts at this point. Sl st to the third ch of your original ch6. You should have a wheel-esque looking contraption, above.

Free Pattern: Knit Slouch Flower Hat | Classy Crochet

Sl st into the first ‘spoke’. Into each ‘spoke’ of the wheel: *ch1, hdc, 2 dc, hdc, ch1, sl st*. Sl st into next spoke, and repeat.

Free Pattern: Knit Slouch Flower Hat | Classy Crochet

Turn flower over.  This is the trickiest step, not because it’s difficult at all, but simply because you’re going to be creating eight petals out of a six petal flower.  Basically, you will: *ch4, insert hook, sl st into the back of the petal* and repeat until you have a total of eight loops.  I don’t have any magical methods of making this even – I ended up doing it a few times and ripping it out until the loops were evenly spaced across the back of the flower.  They don’t *have* to be perfectly even if you don’t care – it is a flower, after all, not a dodecahedron.

Free Pattern: Knit Slouch Flower Hat | Classy Crochet

Turn flower back to the front again.  Repeat the petal row, except increase the number of dc: Into each ‘spoke’ of the wheel: *ch1, hdc, 4 dc, hdc, ch1, sl st*. Sl st into next spoke, and repeat.  You can do 5 dc or whatever you want that will make your flower as big and pretty as you’d like.  Sometimes I increase my hook size for the second row to make the petals bigger as well.  When you’re done, fasten off and leave a long tail to sew flower onto hat.

Sew flower onto hat, sew button to middle of flower, put hat on head, and feel very proud of yourself for completing an ambi-yarning project.  YES!!

Free Pattern: Knit Slouch Flower Hat | Classy Crochet


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