Crochet Diamond Lattice Hat Pattern

Speaking of ‘took me a really long time’, I’ve (finally) published a pattern for my diamond lattice hat.  This hat came about, again, three or four years ago, when I was perusing my newly purchased Basic Crochet Stitches by Erika Knight.  At the time, I was still just learning how to make hats, how different stitches worked relative to stitch count, etc.  I used one of them to create this hat, and it’s been one of my most popular to date.

I put off actually writing this pattern down (despite multiple repeated requests) because it just seemed so complicated.  To be quite honest, I never counted the stitches when I’d made the hat – I always just made the base of my hat to size first, and then estimated the lattice when I got to it.  I figured this was not really good ‘pattern writing’ language – “dc 36, and then fudge your way after that.”

Anyway, after much writing, photo taking, and testing, I am happy to present to you a product that I am quite proud of.  The pattern includes two full pages of detailed photo step-by-step instructions, and should help you create your own masterpiece in no time!

I love being able to mix and match color themes (especially for those miles and piles of ‘ends and pieces’ bags I’ve picked up at A.C. Moore for 50% off over the years), or just keeping it simple with one color and one contrasting flower.  Or no flower at all, who says hats always need embellishments to be interesting??

Buy it on RavelryEtsy, or Craftsy and get crocheting today!


(Bootie pattern courtesy of The Lovely Crow, who makes the best bootie patterns ever.)ImageImage


3 thoughts on “Crochet Diamond Lattice Hat Pattern

    • Hi there! The pattern is moderately difficult – you learn a new stitch that involves a treble crochet. There are detailed photo instructions included with the pattern and you can ask me any questions you have, so I’ll leave it up to your good judgment if you’re feeling ready to tackle the hat. It’s super impressive when it’s done though! =D Good luck!

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