“In the round”… sweet, sweet knitting love

So, I’ve been knitting for a year now.  I’ve learned a *lot* of things.  I still have a million light years to go.  There is just SO MUCH terminology out there!  It’s literally learning a new language as well as a whole world of knowledge that is completely non-existent outside the yarn microcosm, and therefore nothing you’d ever just pick up by osmosis, like watching people play poker in the movies and knowing that if it were ever you, definitely don’t bleed from your eye when you’re bluffing.  That will always get you killed.

For example, I have yet to try anything beyond a long tail cast-on.  They all have these weird, foreign, fancy sounding names and it’s just too much for me.  I recently found a website that listed no less than eleven ways.  ELEVEN.  The titles included such gems as “German twisted”, “Turkish”, “Italian”, “Channel Island”, “Estonian”… can these Europeans just get their act together and agree on one way to do it?  With crochet, you tie a slip knot, and start.  The end.

Anyhoo, with the weirdness that comes with knitting, I’ve also learned a few key terms that totally make my knitting day:

  1. As the title of this blog implies, knitting in the round.  I still haven’t quite figured out the science of how knitting in the round = stockinette while knitting flat = knit and purl, and my rows are always, ALWAYS lumpy and leave weird garter gaps in the back.  But oh, if you can make anything in the round, it’s just so much faster and easier.
  2. Seamless: knitting in the round naturally leads to seamless items.  It’s not so much that I hate seaming (it’s actually really satisfying to stitch the two pieces together and watch your ugly curled edges magically disappear), but there is just something about knitting something flat, and then knowing you still have to wash it, block it, pull those stray yarns out of the drain like unclogging hair (gag), dry it, and THEN seam it that just makes the work so unfulfilling.
  3. Sleeveless: Okay, I have a caveat on knitting in the round.  The one thing I hate more than washing/drying/seaming/undoing stitches/picking out rows/picking up dropped stitches, is knitting on DPNs.  As I mentioned before, it’s just hazardous, and I still haven’t figured out the ladders.  So, anything sans sleeves = fabulous.

Here are two recent examples of seamless + sleeves = sweet, sweet knitting love.  Sorry, future knitting recipients – you’d better all be having girls since sleeveless tubes of clothing don’t *really* lend to boys.

DSC_0027 DSC_0028 tunic1 tunic3

Also, to that end, here are some of my queued projects on Ravelry if you want to experience your own knitting nirvana. (Click on photo to open pattern in new window.)




2 thoughts on ““In the round”… sweet, sweet knitting love

  1. Do you have the pattern for the uber cute dresses in the top of your list? (mauve jumper and striped jumper) thanks 🙂

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